This is the homepage of the Connectix QuickCam VC linux driver. You can use your cam with the Video 4 Linux API.
This driver is released under the GNU GPLlicense.
Any new version of the driver will be developed on the current stable linux kernel.

A lot of people asked me some info about Windows Environment and QuickCam VC.
I would like to remark that i don't help to support QuickCam VC on Windows Environment, please don't send me questions about that.

This project is intended to provide a linux driver only, it is not intended to (and cannot) substitute Connectix/Logitech Windows drivers.
This software is a result of a large work amount of reverse engineering, and it isn't based on Logitech programming documents.
So this driver can damage your QuickCam. You can use it at your own risk.
Unfortunately there isn't free Logitech specification about the cam.

A sourceforge project for this driver is registered at: SourceForge Logo

When i bought mine, QuickCam(R) VC was owned by Connectix. Now it is trademark of Logitech.

03 Jun 2017

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